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Computech Systems Inc./Csinet

Computech Systems Inc./Csinet

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ISP Computech Systems Inc./Csinet Internet Service Provider

Computech Systems Inc./Csinet  

Broadband Services: DSL. Dedicated Access: Frame Relay, T1, DSL. Dial-Up Services: 33.6, 28.8, 56K. Plus: Web Site Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Internet/Intranet Site Development. Network Design and Installation.

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Dial up $19.95 per month. $198.00 with annual commitment (calculates to $16.50 monthly cost) DSL rates start at $49.95 per month.
Area Codes Supported:

Information updated on May 27, 2002

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    Colorado based ISP providing dial-up and dedicated Internet connections, personal web sites, Quake game servers, web page design and hosting, and more.
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    Broadband Services: DSL. Dedicated Access: DSL. Dial-Up Services: ISDN, 33.6, 28.8, 56K. Plus: Web Site Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Real Audio

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